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EBASE advances economic, racial and social justice by building a just economy in the East Bay based on good jobs and healthy communities. We address the root causes of economic injustice by developing strategic alliances among community, faith, and labor to build power and create change with low-income workers and communities of color.


EBASE imagines a vibrant East Bay where good jobs, healthy communities, and engaged residents are the norm. In this decade, EBASE will contribute to transforming the economy by winning campaigns that help to rebuild an inclusive middle class.

In our vision, barriers based on race and class will not exclude segments of society from shared prosperity. Today’s neighborhoods of color with the highest rates of poverty and unemployment will achieve real pathways into jobs that will sustain their families. Immigrants will enjoy basic human rights and not be subject to second class status and exploitation. Those who live in the East Bay can find a good job here, while those who work in the East Bay can afford to live here.

News Articles

Partnership for Working Families | November 6, 2014

Dear Friends,

Regardless of how you feel about this week's election results overall, there’s no doubt that when voters got a chance to decide on working family issues, we won big. We won on minimum wage, paid sick days, mass transit, and democracy. We also achieved important gains in criminal justice reform and healthcare reform. Across our network, our affiliates organized hundreds of thousands of voters around key issues that concretely impact our lives.

Partnership for Working Families | April 2, 2014

“This is one of the most ambitious programs of its kind in the world and will provide clean air, good jobs and recycling for all.” –Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, LA Daily News

By a 12-1 vote of City Council, the City of Los Angeles just passed the new Zero Waste LA policy championed by LAANE and the Don't Waste LA Coalition!

Partnership for Working Families | November 13, 2013

In Oakland, EBASE, along with its local collaborative, Oakland Rising, and California Calls ran a 16-day non-partisan civic engagement program in October.

Partnership for Working Families | November 6, 2013

On October 23, EBASE and its allies in the Revive Oakland coalition won an important victory for good community jobs and transit equity when the Directors of the Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) voted unanimously to adopt a Construction Careers Policy and Project Labor Agreement for a $178 million Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project in Oakland and neighboring San Leandro.

East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable... | March 19, 2013

Hundreds of Waste Management workers belonging to the ILWU struck three facilities Friday morning, March 15, shutting down the company’s East Bay operation for five hours. The action was made possible by the support from hundreds of Teamster members who honored picket lines and refused to drive the company’s trucks that collect refuse and recycling early each morning from residential and industrial customers.

Partnership for Working Families | December 14, 2012

The Partnership is bringing light to the waste and recycling industry’s potential to be a powerful channel for good jobs and green development. At the annual Economic Analysis and Research Network (EARN) conference the week of December 10, we organized a workshop to share strategies our network has developed to transform the industry in a way that builds strong local economies.

Partnership for Working Families | November 26, 2012

On Black Friday, shoppers looking for holiday bargains weren’t the only ones at Walmart.  Walmart workers and supporters rallied in 1,000 protests across 46 states. The actions had two goals: educating shoppers about the abysmal working conditions in Wal-Mart stores and suppliers; and showing strong solidarity to prevent Walmart bosses from retaliating against participating workers.    

East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable... | November 15, 2012

A broad-based labor-community coalition, in close partnership with the City of Oakland, has finalized a groundbreaking construction careers program for the $400 million revitalization of the Oakland Army Base.

East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable... | June 29, 2012

[On June 19], hundreds of community members turned out to tell our elected officials and the army base developers to deliver on their promise of good jobs for the local families that need them most. And we won big.

Partnership for Working Families | March 30, 2012

On February 9, 2012, the Oakland City Council unanimously approved a good jobs and community benefits framework that will guide the redevelopment of the Oakland Army Base project. The passage was a victory for Revive Oakland advocates who waged a year-long campaign for a comprehensive job creation policy that would ensure local-hire goals lifted the communities impacted by the redevelopment.


Employment Opportunities

  • East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy (EBASE) is hiriring a Communications Coorindator and a Development Director!

  • East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy (EBASE) has an 18 year track record of advancing economic, racial and social justice by building a just economy in the East Bay based on good jobs and healthy communities.

  • Three organizing positions open in Oakland, California with the East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy. Dynamic opportunity to join the movement for economic, racial justice and resistance in the San Francisco East Bay.

    EBASE is hiring for three organizer positions working on direct base building and grassroots organizing, organizing low-wage workers, residents, voters, people of faith, and other constituencies in EBASE’s campaigns for worker and economic justice.

  • EBASE is seeking an upbeat, tech-savvy and conscientious individual to provide a high level of database management and project coordination support. This position has a primary role in the administration and maintenance of the organization’s contact and donor database and a secondary role in developing and coordinating foundation grant proposals and reports. This position will play a key role in collaborating with all staff to support the organization’s donor and contact engagement and to cultivate an organizational fundraising culture.

  • The FAME Coordinator is principally responsible for building, engaging, and organizing with the network of faith leaders and communities in campaigns and project work on workers rights, immigrant rights, and economic justice; collaborating with unions and community groups; helping develop faith-rooted campaign strategy, and program administration. The FAME Coordinator is also responsible for developing and sustaining FAME membership and sponsorship for events. The FAME Coordinator supervises organizers and volunteers.

  • EBASE is always looking for smart, talented people to join our movement for economic, racial, and social justice. We highly encourage you to get involved in our work to raise the floor for low-income workers and open the door to those marginalized in our economy.

    Raise the Wage Campaign Director
    The position is responsible for managing EBASE’s campaigns, coalition building, and solidarity work on low-wage worker organizing efforts. The Campaign Director will work with community, labor, and faith partners to to develop worker justice, electoral, and legislative campaigns to build towards a regional set of worker justice standards and enforce minimum wage and worker justice policies.