LAANE's Don't Waste LA Campaign Hits Critical Milestone

June 17, 2011 -- Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy

The Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy's Don't Waste LA campaign will create more middle class, green economy jobs, boost recycling rates, and clean up trash truck pollution by transforming the trash and recycling industry in the City.  The campaign passed a critical milestone on May 20th when the Los Angeles Board of Public Works voted unanimously in favor of issuing a five-year notice to permitted waste haulers who service L.A.'s business and apartment buildings. The notice informs haulers of the City's intent to create a franchise system as called for by LAANE's Don't Waste LA campaign.  Environmentalists, community leaders, and waste workers turned out in droves to testify in support of issuing the notice, and joined in celebration upon its passage.

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