Celebrating Labor Day 2012

September 2, 2012 -- Partnership for Working Families

Labor Day isn’t just a picnic at The Partnership for Working Families.  Partnership affiliates are in the trenches with statewide and local ballot initiatives to improve the lives of millions of working families.  

Four California affiliates (Working Partnerships USA, EBASE, CAUSE and Warehouse Workers’ Resource Center) help anchor California Calls, a statewide alliance committed to renewing the California Dream by reforming outdated tax laws and bad budget policies.  They are organizing for Proposition 30 that raises taxes on wealthy individuals to increase funding for public schools.  They are also working against Proposition 32 that prohibits union members from contributing to political causes through paycheck deductions and bans unions from making political contributions.  

In the Twin Cities, ISAIAH is campaigning against a Voter ID requirement that would disenfranchise voters in low income neighborhoods where many people don’t have drivers’ licenses.

Several Partnership affiliates are engaged in voter mobilization campaigns that empower their communities, including local ballot initiatives in Long Beach, San Jose and Denver. These local fights provide immediate help for working families, while building an organized constituency for future battles for economic justice. 

If we missed a ballot initiative in your city, send us your story and photos or videos.