FRESC's Wage Theft Legislation Passes Colorado Senate

April 17, 2014 -- Partnership for Working Families

Dear Friend,

After many years of fighting we are so proud to announce that FRESC's wage theft legislation passed the senate today!  We have worked tirelessly in coalition for three years to pass this important worker protection law.  And today we are seeing the fruits of our work as the state senate voted YES on wage theft protection.

The bill will make it easier for wage theft victims to get the money they sweat for and earn when unscrupulous employers illegally withhold payment.  This is a victory for the immigrant community that is so often affected by this crime and a victory for all workers and honest employers.  

We're almost there but we still need your help!  Please call and thank your senator for passing this legislation.  Next week the bill is going to the house and we need you to call your representative and ask them to vote yes.  To find contact information for your senator and representative, click here.

In Solidarity,

Desiree Westlund, FRESC Program Director