Partnership to Explore New Housing Equity Effort

September 11, 2012 -- Partnership for Working Families

The Partnership is excited to launch an exploratory initiative to ensure affordable housing in urban areas receiving public investment in transit-oriented development. We’ve seen in our affiliates’ cities that there are positive ways to influence transit-oriented development to create opportunity and prevent displacement of low income communities of color. This initiative, undertaken thanks to a grant from the Ford Foundation, brings together the Partnership’s ability to unite effective local campaigns and the expertise of established national housing policy organizations. Several of our network affiliates are already leading campaigns to bring equity to transit-oriented development, including through housing; those campaigns will play a lead role in this bottom-up initiative.  The Partnership’s staff, along with new consultant Carmen Rhodes, brings years of hands-on experience with inclusionary housing and equity campaigns.  We’ll be working on this initiative with Cornerstone Partnerships, an Oakland-based organization that has expertise in the technical aspects of housing policies and programs and a long track record of working with affordable homeownership programs.