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Transforming Waste & Recycling

March 1, 2013 -- Leslie Moody

Washington, D.C. is so stalled with fiscal crises and gridlock that reformers may find more success at City Hall than in the nation’s Capitol.

Case in point: climate change. While many were cheered by its prominence in President Obama’s second inaugural speech, the reality is that Congress is stumbling from one manufactured crisis to another. It’s hard to see the fate of the earth getting much attention in that environment.

But there are remarkable opportunities for progress at the local level. Consider the mundane business of dealing with America’s trash. 

Transit-Oriented Development that Benefits Seattle's Local Community

February 21, 2013 -- Puget Sound Sage

Metro Seattle and the central Puget Sound region are facing a large wave of population growth—an estimated 1.7 million additional people will be moving to the region by 2040. Puget Sound Sage is working, along with many community allies to ensure that the focus moving forward is on building communities where all families thrive, including diverse communities now living around planned and existing transit stations. 

Leadership Pipelines Strengthen the Partnership Network

February 20, 2013 -- Partnership for Working Families

Across the country, Partnership affiliates are developing new leaders in the fight for economic justice in our communities.  We’ve provided outlets for youth and community members to learn about and engage in their city’s decision making process. We have built relationships with more than 500 elected or appointed local leaders who are aligned on our issues.  Nearly 100 of these leaders are leading the change process on the local and national levels.

Community Benefits Agreements Spread Beyond the Partnership Network

December 20, 2012 -- Partnership for Working Families

Everywhere you look these days, community benefits is taking root. What started as a simple effort in a few communities to rethink how real estate development contributed to poverty and inequality has grown into a full-fledged movement that is reshaping how community leaders think about economic, environmental and racial justice. 

It’s a testament to our network, where these innovations were first pioneered. 

Community Labor United Brings Attention to Public Transit

December 18, 2012 -- Community Labor United

Community Labor United is ending 2012 with a rapidly growing campaign on public transit. Our report, Route to Our Future, captured immediate attention with its “quadruple win” message: transit reform can grow our state's economy, cut carbon emissions, ensure access to jobs and education, and increase racial, economic, and regional equity.

New Leaders Changing Arizona

December 15, 2012 -- Central Arizonans for a Sustainable...

We at Central Arizonans for a Sustainable Economy (CASE) are proud to reflect on this year as a turning point in our growth as an organization. Starting from our base in the labor movement, we have trained young service workers to lead the fight for working people to have a voice in their government. It is these leaders that embody the work CASE has accomplished.

Ensuring Every Vote Counts in Arizona

November 8, 2012 -- Central Arizonans for a Sustainable...

In Phoenix, Partnership affiliate Central Arizonans for a Sustainable Economy (CASE) has been dedicated to ensuring that the democratic process is fair and available to all this election season. With hundreds of thousands of votes not counted in the days after the November 6 election, community members gathered outside the Maricopa County Elections Office to ensure that the vote of the under-represented Latino community was counted too. 


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