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Wages Lag Behind Rising Costs in San Diego County

September 27, 2012 -- Center on Policy Initiatives

San Diego County experienced increased economic hardship in 2011 as wages across most industries either decreased or remained stagnant, unable to keep up with the rising cost of living. According to an analysis by Partnership affiliate, Center on Policy Initiatives, of countywide data released this month by the U.S. Census Bureau, more than a third of county residents were living in economic hardship in 2011, with half of those families in outright poverty. 

ALIGN Keeps Walmart Out of Brooklyn

September 18, 2012 -- Alliance for a Greater New York

In an effort to expand into major American cities Walmart has been pushing to open a new location in East New York, Brooklyn. This possible new location would threaten smaller local businesses, destroy more jobs than would be created, and pay poverty wages in a community that deserves much better.  The Partnership for Working Families’ affiliate, ALIGN, was one of the lead organizations in the coalition to keep Walmart out and good jobs in the community. 

Resource: Why Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid Are Important to Seniors in Your State

September 12, 2012 -- Partnership for Working Families

Social Security Works released 50 reports providing a wealth of information about why Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are critical to the financial security of seniors in your state.

Partnership to Explore New Housing Equity Effort

September 11, 2012 -- Partnership for Working Families

The Partnership is excited to launch an exploratory initiative to ensure affordable housing in urban areas receiving public investment in transit-oriented development. We’ve seen in our affiliates’ cities that there are positive ways to influence transit-oriented development to create opportunity and prevent displacement of low income communities of color. This initiative, undertaken thanks to a grant from the Ford Foundation, brings together the Partnership’s ability to unite effective local campaigns and the expertise of established national housing policy organizations.

Fighting for a Voice in a Process Designed to Silence Communities

September 11, 2012 -- FRESC

For ten years FRESC has helped communities in Denver engage in planning processes related to transit-oriented development because we believe that public investments should be used for public good.  Linda Gallegos, a mother of seven and a resident near the East Corridor commuter rail line, has been involved in FRESC’s equitable transportation campaign from the start.  “Things are hard right now.  The rent is higher than I’ve ever seen, my job pays barely gets us by, and my kids have to take a 3hr bus ride to get to a good school,” she says.  “I never thought I could do anything about this.

The Rising Asian American Electorate

August 8, 2012 -- Raahi Reddy

To my delight, 2012 has been a great year for understanding the opinions and values of the highly diverse community we call Asian Americans. Finding meaningful data on the opinions of various Asian American communities on civic life and social issues has been difficult if not nearly impossible. Two significant reports released this year changed that. The Pew Research Center and APIA Vote each conducted its own national Asian American survey, polling the largest ethnic groups within the Asian American community in their own languages.

Diep Tang: Registering Young Vietnamese Voters in San Jose, CA

August 8, 2012 -- Working Partnerships USA

Diep Tang spent most of last spring in San Jose, California organizing events and registering young Vietnamese voters as part of Working Partnerships USA’s Lead the Vote project.

It was hard but ultimately rewarding work, with Lead the Vote – funded by the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters – surpassing its registration goal of 3,500 new voters on high school and college campuses across the county. 

Using Voter Engagement to Protect Boston’s Chinatown

August 8, 2012 -- Lydia Lowe

The Chinese Progressive Association (CPA) didn’t set out 35 years ago to do electoral work. But we fought to protect Boston Chinatown from highways, hospitals, and luxury condo developers. As that grassroots organizing led to voter engagement, CPA found that the strongest grassroots organizing needs to encompass methods of struggle at all levels of the system, and that learning to work in the electoral arena is critical to broadening the impact of community organizing.


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