Engaging The New Majority


Our mission:

Build power locally.
Change the economy.
Take back our country.

We’re working year-round to boost democratic participation and political power in low-income communities and communities of color. 

Too often, our voices aren’t heard by decision-makers.  We see short-sighted, election-related ‘get out the vote’ efforts that fail to strengthen the political power of communities underrepresented in decision-making.  To counter this trend and positively impact issues that affect working families' daily lives, we are doing things differently.

In 14 regions across the country, Partnership affiliates conduct year-round civic education and engagement programs.  Our collective work will bring more than 500,000 new and under-represented voters to the polls and build an informed and active new majority in our cities.

Organizing year round, year in and year out to protect worker rights and the environment and increase participation among low propensity voters, we are engaging working families at the polls and beyond.  Our affiliates know this is the key to building more equitable cities... and to reclaiming our cities and our country.

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