Our Work

The Partnership's work is guided by the following principles:

  • Meaningful change comes from where people live and work.
  • We must promote equity and inclusion so everyone benefits, not just a lucky few.
  • Civic leadership and a strong democracy is built by year-round voter engagement.
  • Insightful research, cutting edge public policy and broad alliance building = actionable recommendations for policymakers.

Coalition for Clean and Safe Ports

Photo of trucks

U.S. ports rely on an old and broken trucking system that pollutes low-income communities and neglects vulnerable workers. Our affiliates in the port cities of Los Angeles, Seattle, Oakland and New York are organizing their communities to bring attention to problem and mobilize support for systemic change that renews a critical part of our economy.

Sustainable Tourism

Photo of a hotel housekeeper

Workers in the hotel industry are predominantly immigrant and African American women, particularly in lower paid housekeeping and un-tipped positions positions. Housekeepers endure heavy lifting, cumbersome equipment and daily room quotas that challenge the limits of human capacity. In cities like Oakland, Los Angeles and Phoenix, coalitions of community, civic, labor and faith leaders have been engaged in efforts to improve conditions for hotel workers and the communities they live in.

Good Food, Good Jobs

Photo of grocery worker

Since the 1960s grocery stores have been moving out of our cities, taking with them access to high quality, healthy food and family sustaining jobs. The Partnership’s Good Food, Good Jobs campaign unites a broad array of stakeholders to improve job quality in the grocery industry, while advancing access to healthy and affordable food in disinvested communities.