Following City Council Vote to Preserve Earned Sick Leave-Minimum Wage Ordinance, Gloria pledges citywide fight to stop referendum to rescind the Ordinance

Partnership for Working Families | August 18, 2014

Today San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria and his colleagues stood up for 280,000 San Diegans who lack sick leave and nearly 200,000 people who work hard every day and can’t afford rent and groceries.

Leslie Moody | June 27, 2014

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“Living wage” ballot question in primary election will improve lives of workers, boost growing social justice movement

Partnership for Working Families | May 29, 2014

Faith leaders from 40 congregations across Philadelphia celebrate the passage of Ballot Question #1 to raise the wage for thousands of workers.

Partnership for Working Families | May 7, 2014

Thanks to Partnership affiliate FRESC’s leadership in the fight against wage theft, the Wage Protection Act (SB 5) passed out of the Colorado legislature yesterday and is headed to Governor Hickenlooper’s desk for signature!

Partnership for Working Families | May 7, 2014

Partnership affiliate POWER enjoyed a concrete victory yesterday when Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter used his executive power to give subcontracted Philadelphia workers a well-deserved and long overdue pay increase.

Partnership for Working Families | April 17, 2014

For decades, the high technology economy in Silicon Valley has eroded the region’s middle class, distributing income in an hourglass shape that leaves massive numbers of workers trapped at the bottom in low wage, dead end, service occupations. A “next generation” living wage policy in the county government would change this picture for thousands of workers and their families.

Partnership for Working Families | April 17, 2014

Hundreds of San Diegans came out to show their support for the announcement in Civic Center Plaza under the banner of “Raise Up San Diego,” a broad-based community coalition that includes the Center on Policy Initiatives.

Partnership for Working Families | April 17, 2014

On March 20, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors voted to override the veto by the County Executive and pass a Living Wage Ordinance ensuring employees of county contractors will be paid $11.23 an hour. The ordinance will directly impact nearly 9,000 workers.

Partnership for Working Families | April 17, 2014

A new study by Puget Sound Sage concludes that a $15/hour minimum wage would create large scale benefits for women and people of color in Seattle, and effectively narrow the city's gender and race pay gaps.  In a policy brief released recently, Puget Sound Sage examines the potential outcomes of a $15 minimum wage on the local economy, assesses outcomes by industry sector, and demonstrates that a $15 minimum wage (with a phase-in only approach) is the single best option to reduce Seattle's gender and race pay gap.

Partnership for Working Families | April 14, 2014

Did you miss hearing about the Don't Waste LA win on Friday's Union Edge radio show? Check out the podcast for more from Jackie Cornejo, Director of the Don’t Waste LA campaign, and Hays Witt, the Partners