REACTION TO AMAZON: Local, National Housing Advocates Release Statement Regarding Amazon’s Two-City HQ2 Announcement

November 13, 2018 -- Partnership for Working Families

Communities and Experts Raise Alarm on Amazon’s Backroom Process, Demands for Tax Giveaways, and HQ2’s Impact on Rising Housing Costs and Infrastructure

“HQ2 and the accompanying tax breaks that cities are offering Amazon will raise housing prices, displace current area residents… and worsen income inequality across these metro areas.”

Statement on the 11th Circuit Reviving Birmingham Minimum Wage Case

July 25, 2018 -- Heather Appel

In response to the Eleventh Circuit’s decision to allow plaintiffs to proceed in the lawsuit challenging the State of Alabama’s actions to nullify a City of Birmingham minimum wage ordinance as intentional racial discrimination, the Partnership for WoIn response to the Eleventh Circuit’s decision to allow plaintiffs to proceed in the

Rep. Keith Ellison Joins Chorus of Consumers With Prime Day Message for Amazon: No Platform for Racists

July 17, 2018 -- Heather Appel

For Immediate Release - July 17, 2018

On Prime Day, consumers are turning up the heat on Amazon and making it a day of action across the nation. The 30-hour online sale event is inspiring activists across the country to protest the mega retailer, which profits from hate groups that sell their merchandise on The latest person to add his voice to the chorus of demands on the multi-billion dollar corporation is Rep. Keith Ellison. 

"We Make This City" Campaign Launches in 10 Cities

June 20, 2018 -- Heather Appel

On June 20, communities in 10 cities around the country will stake their claim on the future of their neighborhoods, resources and institutions. With the launch of the “We Make This City” campaign, Partnership for Working Families affiliate organizations will build a collective vision of cities that provide the foundation and infrastructure all people need to live full and healthy lives.


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