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CASE is diverse group of community leaders committed to raising living standards for all Arizona families through community education, increasing civic participation, leadership development, coalition building, and strengthening partner organizations.

Our Vision

People come to central Arizona to realize the American Dream. Lower housing prices, great weather, and job opportunities have drawn millions from across the United States and abroad to the Valley of the Sun.  But over the last several years, recession has made the dreams of our residents much harder to achieve. Our state and city budgets are in debt; wages have not kept up with the cost of living; and thousands of working people in central Arizona have lost their jobs, their homes, and their access to healthcare.  Working families will rebuild Arizona's economy. By joining with leaders from across the economic and cultural spectrum, we can create family-supporting jobs, quality public services, sustainable economic development, and build a culture of empowerment and belonging for all residents.  To learn how CASE helps Arizona's working families achieve their vision of the American Dream, please visit our website.


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News Articles

Partnership for Working Families | November 13, 2013

Last Tuesday night CASE was part of making history in the City of Phoenix as Latino voters once again made their voices heard in City Council elections.

Central Arizonans for a Sustainable... | June 17, 2011

This month, CASE is kicking off Phoenix Rising 2011, a campaign to change the political culture of the nation's 6th largest city by increasing the participation of working families--particularly Latino families--in this year's municipal elections and by fighting for a more just and sustainable jobs policy in the city of Phoenix. We believe these victories are necessary steps to raising living standards for working people throughout our state and to fighting back the attack on working families nation wide. The campaign launch includes:

Central Arizonans for a Sustainable... | November 18, 2008

The metropolitan area of Phoenix is experiencing unprecedented change and growth unlike any other point in its history. Since the 1980’s, our population has ballooned in size, with new immigrant families making up much of this growth. Arizona now has the fourth-largest Latino electorate in the country.