ISAIAH | Faith In Democracy

Contact Information

2720 E. 22nd Street

Our Mission

ISAIAH is a vehicle for congregations, clergy, and people of faith to act collectively and powerfully towards racial and economic equity in the state of Minnesota.

Our Values

ISAIAH believes that leadership development unites and allows people to take powerful steps to improve the quality of our community.

ISAIAH values ethnic and religious diversity in communities and sees this diversity as enriching and healthy.

ISAIAH believes in the power of acting collectively in ways that are consistent with our faith values and principles of democracy.

ISAIAH believes that all people have the ability to co-create our environment.

ISAIAH believes in the possibility of transforming people, our public institutions and culture.

Our Vision for Minnesota

We are working to create a Minnesota that ensures the conditions in which all Minnesotans can be healthy. Together we commit to eliminating place-based and race-based health inequities to ensure all Minnesotans have an opportunity for good health.

We are working to create a Minnesota where the benefits of public infrastructure — roads, bridges, transit, residential and commercial development — are distributed equitably. This includes opportunities for economic growth, community health, and the increase in wealth that occurs with major transportation, housing or commercial developments.

We are working to create a Minnesota that aligns our public investments and applies our collective resources to achieve equity in education, and that opens access to opportunity to students of color across Minnesota.

We are working to create a Minnesota that seeks fairness in all its dealings, eliminating financial discrimination against communities of color, supporting best practices in foreclosure prevention, and taking an aggressive approach to enforcing fair leading laws.

News Articles

Partnership for Working Families | May 29, 2020

We share the grief and utter outrage of people everywhere at the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, and we stand in solidarity with the communities in Minnesota and around the country that are demanding justice in his name. 

Nearly six years after Eric Garner’s death in New York, five years after Sandra Bland’s death in Texas — and four years after Philando Castile’s in Minnesota — George Floyd’s murder reaffirms that Black people will never be safe under a police system that was born out of white supremacist desires to preserve slavery. 

Partnership for Working Families | November 6, 2013

In September, Partnership affiliates Puget Sound Sage, Working Partnerships USA, FRESC, and ISAIAH showcased and analyzed their housing campaigns before representatives of nearly 40 local and national organizations at an important gathering of organizations working on inclusionary housing nationwide.

ISAIAH | November 7, 2012

Clergy and community leaders with ISAIAH, a Partnership affiliate, celebrated the defeat of the voter restriction amendment in Minnesota early November 7, after months of talking with religious voters in their congregations and neighborhoods.