A New Approach to Building Regional Power

The Partnership for Working Families was created as a national federation of regional power-building organizations in 2006.  Our affiliates bring together labor and community interests reflecting the needs and voices of working families in the 21st century.  We founded the Partnership with the belief that regional organizing is a critical and oft-forgotten step in rebuilding our democracy and increasing access to the middle class.  Across the nation, we are champions of innovative economic policies that can lead to local and national change for working families.  Our successes underscore the importance of community engagement in transforming public policy to stimulate and support economic growth for all. 

Comprehensive Campaigns: Connecting Grassroots Organizing, Industry Research and Public Policy Solutions

Our affiliates mobilize broad-based campaigns that support public policies and private agreements creating high quality jobs, helping low-wage workers and workers of color access those jobs, and addressing the environmental and community degradation that lingers from years of disinvestment in urban neighborhoods. These campaigns range from site specific Community Benefits Agreements to  broader public policies such as living wage ordinances, affordable housing policies, environmental clean-up and emission standards, construction careers policies, and economic or community impact requirements that provide public information and participation in public decisions.

Replicating Victories to Scale Across the Country

Our initial victories around community benefits agreements and other site-specific economic development strategies have gone to scale. We are now pioneering innovative policies that reframe huge components of regional economies. As a result of our work, the concept of government intervention for public benefit is becoming embedded in the culture of our cities.