About the Partnership for Working Families


Civic Engagement Coordinator

Title: Civic Engagement Coordinator

Reports to: Director of Strategic Campaigns

Job Type: Contract Position - ASAP through November 2016

Job Description:

Pittsburgh United seeks a full time Civic Engagement Coordinator to join a dynamic team of organizers dedicated to increasing the power, voice, and leadership of working class people and families in Pittsburgh. The coordinator will manage Pittsburgh United’s non-partisan voter registration, persuasion, and GOTV work. The ideal candidate has a strong commitment to social, racial, and economic justice movements and labor unions, is results oriented, enjoys working with a team, and has a demonstrated ability to work with a diverse array of stakeholders.

We are seeking individuals with previous experience working on or managing civic engagement programs, grassroots/political organizing in the social justice movement, or comparable experience, who are passionate, enthusiastic, and energetic. Qualified applicants should be interested in connecting civic engagement to base-building, leadership development, and issue campaigns. The successful candidate will have strong communication skills, understanding of campaign and political strategies, and ability to create a civic engagement framework that yields clear results.

This position is initially a 6-7 month full-time contract position with potential for permanent, full-time employment. The contract range is $3000-$3500/month.


● Coordinate and meet all deliverables for the 2016 non-partisan civic engagement efforts
● Supervise canvass team including hiring, training, accountability, and reporting
● Work closely with Pittsburgh United staff to communicate and build relationships with partner organizations, including labor unions, community organizations, environmental groups, faith organizations, and others around civic engagement
● Bottom line responsibility for civic engagement data management
● Support Pittsburgh United’s civic engagement fundraising activities
Qualifications and Skills:
● Belief in and commitment to progressive social, racial, and economic justice
● Interest in issues including but not limited to: affordable housing, worker organizing, quality jobs, environmental justice
● Commitment to understand race, class, gender, and other equity issues as part of your work as well as the impact these structural issues have on our own work environment
● Experience in leading a team in project work
● Demonstrated experience (3+ years preferred) in civic engagement and/or organizing
● Exceptional oral and written communication skills
● PA Drivers License and access to a vehicle (preferred)

Other Information:

The work schedule includes evening and weekend canvasses and events, as necessary. for the campaign. Candidates requiring strictly a 9 to 5 schedule will not be a good fit for this position.
Pittsburgh United offers a benefits package that will be negotiated based on the needs of the successful applicant for this contract position.

How to Apply:

Send resume and cover letter to jobs@pittsburghunited.org by April 15th.

Pittsburgh United is an affirmative action employer. Women and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

Our Mission

Pittsburgh United strives to advance social and economic justice in the Pittsburgh region ensuring that working families and low and moderate-income communities share in the prosperity generated by economic growth and development.

We promote strategies that will build healthy and sustainable communities, raise standards for low wage workers, and forge a fair economy for all. We use innovative community organizing, research, advocacy and communications methods to win progressive policy and organizing campaigns.

The Pittsburgh Landscape

The ‘New Pittsburgh’ enjoys national acclaim. Hardly a week goes by without another news outlet lauding the renaissance of our former steel town through an established “Eds and Meds” economy, a burgeoning technology sector, or a profile of the city’s livability through the lens of the latest hot neighborhood. Cities across the country are experiencing growth as millennials flock to urban areas in search of walkable neighborhoods, vibrant nightlife, and strong communities.

But as this resurgence occurs, nearly 50 percent of the 18,000 jobs projected to be created in Pittsburgh this year will pay less than $14/hr. Revitalization benefits developers and high-wage workers even as the fabric of low-income neighborhoods and communities of color are destroyed. The same people who have spent decades living in these disinvested neighborhoods are being priced out and displaced as a result of this revitalization.
Pittsburgh is at a critical moment. We have an opportunity to be a national leader, not just in terms of economic revival, but of thoughtful, equitable development that puts people first. Civic leaders have the opportunity now to stake out a vision for building an economy with both well-paying high tech jobs and a strong service sector with family sustaining jobs. We must also safeguard public development to guarantee that all residents benefit from Pittsburgh’s resurgence. To be truly livable, the revitalization of Pittsburgh must be realized in every sector of the economy and lift up every neighborhood in the city.

Who We Are and What We Do

Pittsburgh United is a coalition of community, labor, faith, and environmental organizations committed to advancing the vision of a community and economy that work for all people. Our past and current campaigns have positioned us to forward an organizing strategy and progressive policy agenda around economic development and make that vision a reality.
We aspire to create a new social contract, whereby all workers are able to care for themselves and raise their families, sharing in the prosperity generated by economic growth and development. Through our campaigns, we are developing organizing, education, advocacy, and communications strategies to fight and win progressive policy campaigns that ensure sustainable communities, raise standards for low-wage workers and harness economic development and public investment for community benefit.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania