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Executive Director

United for a New Economy (UNE)​ ​is a member-led nonprofit organization committed to building grassroots power in communities around the Denver metro area to ensure that our economic and political systems work for all Coloradans, especially low income people, communities of color, and immigrants. UNE’s work is driven by community members and the problems that impact their daily lives. Members can identify issues of injustice, research potential solutions, and form committees to formulate strategic, collective action to create change that will benefit their families and neighbors. UNE utilizes various strategies including community organizing, popular education, policy development and advocacy, leadership development, and coalition-building to achieve its goals. UNE believes that meaningful change is community-led, and aims to organize communities and uplift the voice of marginalized people, particularly people of color, in-order to create a more just economy for all Colorado residents.

This position leads a team of Director level staff and and reports to the Board of Directors of both UNE and UNE Action.

What we're looking for: We are seeking a leader with at least five years of relevant work in the labor movement or non-profit sector who is passionate, enthusiastic and visionary. Since 2002, UNE has worked to build an economically just Denver Metro region with equal opportunity for all of our residents. UNE has a track record of success and is well known by elected leaders and many allies in the non-profit and the labor communities. UNE’s current issue areas are; housing justice, economic justice immigration justice and racial justice. Qualified applicants should be interested in working with UNE’s talented staff to build upon previous programmatic successes and grow the capacity of the organization. Applicants will supervise several staff members and work closely with UNE’s Deputy Director’s to fundraise and provide executive oversight to all aspects of the organization.

The successful candidate will have strong communication skills, enjoy building and maintaining relationships with staff, funders, and stakeholders, and have a good sense of humor.

For full annoucement: UNE Executive Director Job Posting

Send completed applications to: jobs@unecolorado.org

Denver, Colorado