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Our Mission

Our mission is to move strategic campaigns combining the joint power of community-based organizations and labor unions in order to protect and promote the interests of low and middle-income working families in the greater Boston area. Through a program of coalition building, research and policy development, public education and grassroots mobilization, we will move forward policies that promote quality jobs, secure healthcare and affordable housing for all of the Boston area's working people.

Our Goals

    Lead campaigns that increase labor and community organizing opportunities promoting quality jobs, secure healthcare, affordable housing and other community interests for low and middle-income families in the greater Boston area

    Develop strong in house research capacity to determine organizing opportunities and to educate people about the issues and interests affecting working families

    Provide training opportunities for labor and community leaders on economic development issues

    Foster the development of relationships between decision makers in community and labor organizations that can help groups in their individual organizing and collectively can begin to create a new progressive power center within the region

Our Work

CLU combines the joint power of community-based organizations and labor unions to advance the interests of low and middle-income working families in Massachusetts. Our strategic campaigns promote quality jobs, secure healthcare, affordable housing, and climate justice.

We accomplish our mission through coalition building, research and policy development, public education and grassroots mobilization that move policies forward.

Our campaigns bring together low and moderate-income people already organized through community organizations and unions, who come together based on interest in the issues involved. We develop new organizing opportunities for community organizations and labor, and increase civic engagement. We also educate the wider public through our research studies, whose findings we disseminate aggressively. Essentially we are a new “think and act tank” coming from poor and working people’s perspectives.

CLU is fortunate to be able to build upon the existing strength of a number of different organizations in Massachusetts. These groups are effectively organizing and winning important improvements and changes for their constituencies. We believe the sum of this work can, over time, add up to even more than its individual parts. Together, we can change the economic dialogue and economic reality in our region.

Community Labor United is an incorporated 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The Green Justice Coalition is an affiliate of the national Apollo Alliance.

News Articles

Partnership for Working Families | March 30, 2012

Now in its fifth year, the Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference will hold regional conferences throughout the country in 2012. The Partnership is proud to sponsor the gatherings and supports our partners from Boston, Los Angles, San Jose, Philadelphia and Atlanta who are participating or have organized sessions at the regional events.

Community Labor United | June 17, 2011

Are green jobs good jobs? Two years ago, everyone thought so. Home weatherization was going to create thousands of jobs. We could pull ourselves out of the recession, cut our energy bills, and save the climate. It was a win-win-win.

Then reality set in. Weatherization today is a low-road industry. Profit margins are low. Small contractors fight each other for the work. Pay is low, training is minimal, safety is often ignored, and labor laws are frequently violated.

But the hard work of the Green Justice Coalition has been changing that reality. In Massachusetts, after a two-year campaign, the Green Justice Coalition – which brings together building trades unions, community and environmental organizations –recently signed breakthrough agreements with the leading weatherization vendor and utility company in the state.

Community Labor United | December 18, 2009

 On October 27, 2009 Massachusetts adopted a $1.4 billion plan that will

Community Labor United | September 30, 2009

by By Soledad Boyd & Jeremy Shenk, Community Labor United Senior Organizers

The Massachusetts Green Justice Coalition won a victory for social justice and the environment on Tuesday July 28th when the state Energy Efficiency Advisory Council (EEAC) told the state’s utilities to add equity to their efficiency plans.