ALIGN and the Transform Don’t Trash NYC coalition launch campaign to clean up New York’s commercial waste and recycling industry

November 27, 2013 -- Partnership for Working Families

ALIGN and the Transform Don’t Trash NYC coalition launched an exciting new campaign to make the city’s trash industry cleaner, more efficient and better for workers and communities. Anchored by ALIGN, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Joint Council 16 & Local 813, New York City Environmental Justice Alliance and New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, more than 100 coalition members and supporters gathered at City Hall on October 2nd to launch the campaign.

New York City has taken steps toward building a more environmentally sustainable city in recent years, yet the commercial waste industry has been largely overlooked, much to the detriment of New York’s economy, environment, communities and workers. New York City’s restaurants, offices and businesses generate a staggering 3.2 million tons of solid waste each year, over half of which is buried in landfills or incinerated. Commercial waste is collected by a highly dysfunctional, outsized private system. The overabundance of garbage trucks on the road contributes to some of the worst smog in the country, as well as violations of clean air standards and extreme noise pollution. We are now calling for change.

Transform Don’t Trash NYC is calling for a competitive franchise system to reduce waste and pollution, create cleaner and healthier communities for all New Yorkers, lift thousands of waste industry workers and their families out of poverty, and create thousands of new, quality jobs in recycling and recycling-reliant industries. Franchise awardees would be required to meet environmental standards that increase recycling rates, reduce truck emissions and distribute waste handling across the city more equitably. They would also be required to meet labor standards, improving the safety and quality of jobs. In return, franchisees would benefit from a more secure, steady base of customers located along well-organized routes. The proposed system will ensure accountability through increased City oversight.

The Transform Don’t Trash NYC campaign builds on the success of the Don’t Waste LA campaign, and is part of the Partnership for Working Families’ Transforming Trash effort to create good jobs and more recycling in the waste industry.

Read the new Transform Don’t Trash NYC report here, and the Partnership’s Transforming Trash in Urban America report here.