California Calls Wins Big

November 7, 2012 -- Partnership for Working Families

In California, an unprecedented statewide coalition turned around the state’s history of regressive tax measures and won two crucial statewide victories: 

Proposition 30 passed with 54% support to raise $6-9 billion annually for California schools and restore cuts to vital programs and services. Having wealthy Californians pay their fair share will bring equity to the tax system.

Proposition 32 lost with 56% of voters rejecting this measure that would have silenced the voice of working families in politics while doing nothing to curb the influence of corporations and Super PACs.

These victories were possible, in large part, thanks to California Calls, a statewide alliance of local organizations from throughout the Golden State that have joined together to renew the California dream of opportunity and promise. They built a strong ground operation in crucial population centers to move hundreds of thousands of young voters, infrequent voters, and new immigrant voters to support Yes on 30 and No on 32.  Together, the California Calls local operations had conversations with 415,000 voters and ID’d 330,000 supporters, bringing many of these community members out to vote. 

Anchor groups of California Calls include Partnership affiliates EBASE (through Oakland Rising), Warehouse Workers, Working Partnerships USA and CAUSE.  

In the last 2 years, the California Calls coalition has led 3-4 annual civic engagement campaigns. The coalition will continue working towards reforming the State’s tax system in the coming years.