CAUSE hits the doors to encourage Affordable Care Act signup

November 13, 2013 -- Partnership for Working Families

Canvassers from the Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy (CAUSE) took to Ventura County’s streets to encourage uninsured people to sign up for health coverage through the Affordable Care Act.

“Every year we go out to the historically disenfranchised people of Ventura County, but this year is the first time in many years that additional services are available to people,” said Cameron Yee, organizing director for CAUSE.

CAUSE partnered with California Calls in a non-partisan grass-roots effort that is designed to connect with low-propensity voters and encourage them to turn out on election days.  “It is our priority that we educate and motivate these voters to sign up for health care and not get left out in the cold,” California Calls President Anthony Thigpenn said.

For the first time CAUSE canvassers used smartphones to find houses, record information about visits and store contact information of residents who provided it.  They will use text messages and other social media to go back to these contacts on other important issues.

Aurora Chavez, 20, an Oxnard resident and canvasser, said her job hit home this week when she told her parents that the Affordable Care Act might save her family money on health insurance. “They didn’t know anything about it, and so I actually told them, and they went to the page (online) and saw that it was cheaper,” she said. “So I’m helping them sign up, too.”