Community Input Results in Restored Bus Lines in Denver

August 15, 2013 -- FRESC

The reopening of the western line of FasTracks, the region’s light rail system, in July was a big victory for workers in Denver. 9to5 led a campaign supported by Partnership affiliate, FRESC: Good Jobs, Strong Communities, which collected more than 400 signatures for a petition calling on Denver’s Regional Transportation District to restore the recently cut bus lines. After receiving the signatures and meeting with community members, RTD decided to fully restore the lines. 

The decision to cut the bus lines, which connected western Denverites to the jobs and services located in the city’s core, was made with little community input. For many community members, this change meant they had to pay more transit and add up to an hour each way for their commute. For workers, especially those with families, these changes were devastating. 

The reopening of the western line is not only a big victory for workers in Denver, but also helps set a precedent of community involvement in future RTD decisions.  As the light rail continues to be built out, FRESC will work to ensure the community’s voice is heard and RTD decisions help workers and families live better lives.