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March 24, 2020 -- Heather Appel

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Resource Guides:

Unemployment Insurance Application Guide for Workers at CA App-Based Companies​
Gig Workers Rising Info Guide for Gig Workers and Consumers

Public Statements:

Open Letter to Local Leaders: With the spread of Coronavirus, now is the time to step up and protect workers
Federal Action Needed: COVID-19 and Housing/Homelessness
Housing Justice Movement Letter to Congress​
Five Principles for Just COVID-19 Relief and Stimulus

In the News:

Coronavirus: Ducey, Legislature must adopt 10 measures to keep working families safe


San Diego: Poway Schools Consolidate Free Meals; Children's Fund Launches

Bay Area: Live Coronavirus Updates: Gov. Newsom Orders State to Shelter at HomeGroups push for paid sick days for unincorporated residents

Los Angeles: Coalition of Rights Groups Urge Los Angeles County Sheriff and Board of Supervisors to Stop Transfers to Federal Immigration Authorities and the Adelanto Immigration Prison

Orange County: Briceño: Job loss, the Looming Coronavirus ProblemZuniga: How COVID-19 Confirms the Need for Housing Security in Orange County

Inland Empire: Amazon warehouse workers fear catching coronavirus just to get you your packagesAmazon Prime Will Falter During Coronavirus Crisis, Experts Say

Silicon Valley: Big tech commits to paying wages for hourly employees affected by coronavirus plans
Uber Finally Told Its Drivers What To Do About Coronavirus: Wash Their Hands
As coronavirus cases increase, San Jose mayor announces plan to protect renters
Tech companies decide to treat contractors like human beings during coronavirus outbreak
How the Coronavirus is Exposing America's Inequality Crisis
Uber, Lyft, DoorDash workers petition for sick leave as coronavirus spreads'

State, local lawmakers propose ‘right to recovery’ coronavirus relief package​

Wolf, lawmakers need to act now to deliver COVID-19 relief to all, not just the 1 percentThe Growing Movement For Housing Justice