On George Floyd’s Killing and What We Must Do Now

May 29, 2020 -- Partnership for Working Families

Image credit: ISAIAH MN

We share the grief and utter outrage of people everywhere at the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, and we stand in solidarity with the communities in Minnesota and around the country that are demanding justice in his name. 

Nearly six years after Eric Garner’s death in New York, five years after Sandra Bland’s death in Texas — and four years after Philando Castile’s in Minnesota — George Floyd’s murder reaffirms that Black people will never be safe under a police system that was born out of white supremacist desires to preserve slavery. 

This gut-wrenching violence that we witnessed against George Floyd, following soon after the horrific murders of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, is too much for many to take. We are angered, saddened, frustrated, confused. As organizers and leaders, we fight for survival and dignity every day, and times like this can be overwhelming and heart wrenching. It also creates urgency.  We cannot and will not back down now.  We will show unity and channel our anger into fighting for permanent change. We will not rest until Black people are free, free to live, move, and just be, without fear. We commit our hands, heart and spirit to ending white supremacy. 

As ISAIAH MN wrote, “Our city is hurting right now. But the cycle of police violence from the MPD is not inevitable. Together, we can change it. We get to imagine and build what public safety looks like. We get to have a city where we are all safe whether we’re Black, white, or brown. This is our right and our shared responsibility. We get to create the future we want for our communities together.” 

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