Gloria says, “Don’t Sign It!” Urges Voters to reject Big Money Referendum

August 18, 2014 -- Partnership for Working Families

Following City Council Vote to Preserve Earned Sick Leave-Minimum Wage Ordinance, Gloria pledges citywide fight to stop referendum to rescind the Ordinance

SAN DIEGO (August 18, 2014) – Following the historic decision by the City Council to override Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s veto of San Diego’s Earned Sick Leave-Minimum Wage Ordinance, Council President Todd Gloria pledged a citywide effort to resist special interest funded efforts to rescind the ordinance.

“Don’t Sign It!” Council President Gloria said of the expected petitions minimum wage opponents have pledged to circulate. Today Gloria and his colleagues stood up for 280,000 San Diegans who lack sick leave and nearly 200,000 people who work hard every day and can’t afford rent and groceries. 

“Thanks to Council President Todd Gloria and the other Councilmembers, I will not be forced to choose between going to work sick and losing a day's pay. The San Diego minimum wage means I will be able to keep up with my rent and buy groceries,"said Jessie Thomas, a waitress and full-time student.

A new poll found that almost two-thirds of voters – 63% – support the Earned Sick Days and Minimum Wage Ordinance approved by the City Council last month. The poll was conducted July 31 – August 4, 2014 by Greenburg Quinlan Rosner Research. 

The ordinance provides access to five earned sick days for everyone working in San Diego and sets a local minimum wage that increases to $11.50 over three years. At least 172,000 people will receive a raise and 279,000 will gain access to earned sick days.

Some local area businesses, with the backing of national restaurant and hospitality chains, are launching a referendum to take away sick days and the San Diego minimum wage from hard working San Diegans. The referendum will try to block enactment of the law and force an election on the ordinance sometime in 2016. If the referendum is defeated, the Earned Sick Leave-Minimum Wage Ordinance will begin to take effect as scheduled January 1, 2015.


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