Letting the Sun Shine in Santa Ana

July 31, 2012 -- Partnership for Working Families

OCCORD’s campaign to make Santa Ana city government more accountable is blazing hot! As one of the leaders of the Santa Ana Collaborative for Responsible Development (SACReD) Coalition, OCCORD has taken major steps toward passage of a “Sunshine Ordinance.” The Coalition’s effort has attracted plenty of attention

The campaign has tapped in to a real community outcry. According to an OCCORD survey last year, only 16% of Santa Ana residents say their voice has been included in local development plans.

On July 2, the campaign won a major victory, with the Santa Ana City Council unanimously approving the campaign’s Sunshine Ordinance platform and instructing the City Attorney to draft an ordinance. The ordinance would both make city government more transparent and increase public participation in key decisions by requiring: 

  • pre-application community meetings and effectively-noticed hearings for major development projects;
  • community hearings on the city budget;
  • increased public participation in city contracting;
  • open calendars for key public officials;
  • lobbyist registration and disclose their activities and contributions; and
  • a 3 year city strategic plan.

The ordinance could come to the City Council for a vote this fall, so stay tuned!