Listen to the Union Edge tomorrow for more about victory in LA

April 10, 2014 -- Partnership for Working Families
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Jackie Cornejo, Director of the Don’t Waste LA campaign, and Hays Witt, the Partnership’s Transforming Trash Campaign Director, will be on the Union Edge radio show tomorrow discussing the good jobs and zero waste implications of Don’t Waste LA’s recent win at City Hall. You can listen live on Friday, April 11, at 2:45 Eastern, and we will have a link to the show on our website afterwards.

Last week the Los Angeles City Council passed a visionary policy that will help increase recycling while turning the recycling industry into a source of good jobs. The Zero Waste LA policy, championed by LAANE and the Don’t Waste LA Coalition, will dramatically reduce the amount of waste that LA sends to landfills, spur the creation of thousands of good jobs in the recycling economy, and open access to quality recycling and organics processing services for small businesses and property owners.  The new LA policy is a model for change across the country, and the Partnership’s Transforming Trash campaign is spreading that vision.