We are Undeterred

January 6, 2021 -- Heather Appel

Statement from Lauren Jacobs on the failed coup in the capitol

In response to the failed coup attempt by white supremacist Trump supports today, Partnership for Working Families Executive Director issued the following statement:

Today,  in a failed coup, a mob with confederate flags and other white nationalists symbols  used  physical violence to attempt to nullify the votes of millions of people. It was hard for many of us to watch, the brazenness of the actions of these insurrectionists and the anemic response of the municipal and capitol police forces, compared to their rubber bullet, helicopter menacing, tear gas response to racial justice protests this summer. 

This political tendency did not disappear with the election and it will not disappear with the inauguration. We will have to continue to confront this anti-democratic, white supremacist, authoritarian impulse in the years to come. 

And in Georgia, the historic Senate elections give us a window into what’s possible. The organizers and leaders that leaned into the values of care and community and a better future for all succeeded - voters turned out in record numbers and made sure their votes counted. In order to hold and grow the movement for a vibrant multi-racial democracy, we must confront the racism, misogyny and the economic exploitation that contributed to the rise of this authoritarian bloc.

We see and we know that people  are with us and ready to forge an inclusive democracy together. Our work now is organizing all of those people into a political force that can  reshape our society and the economy where the revanchist violence we saw today is no longer possible.   

The violence of today cannot, must not deter us nor our elected leaders from doing all within our power to build an economy, society where we are all housed and fed and where Black, Brown, Indigenous, people of color, women, LGBTQ people move freely, live loudly, and breathe easily.