We Reject Trump’s Federal Forces in Our Cities

August 3, 2020 -- Partnership for Working Families

Statement from Executive Director Lauren Jacobs

As the Trump Administration accelerates its oppressive campaign resembling martial law, Partnership affiliates are holding strong. We stand against this flagrant attempt to consolidate power, usurp local civil authority, bypass due process, and perpetrate militarized violence on our streets.

We stand with our affiliates in Oakland, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and New York City, which are now on Trump’s latest list of targets. It's no accident that he’s now turned much of his ire on cities where BIPOC are or are near the majority and are building strong progressive movements for a just future. The emerging, multiracial, democracies that Black-led, BIPOC-led coalitions are realizing in our cities are a threat to this failing Administration. So let's call Trump's latest escalation what it is: a racist, authoritarian power-grab.

We applaud the freedom fighters organizing on the ground. We applaud the folks who are turning out and traveling to these cities from all walks of life. The Black freedom struggle – the Movement for Black Lives – is so powerfully shaking the walls of the fortress. At the heart of Trump’s response is desire to quell an uprising that challenges the very foundations of our white supremacist economic and social structures. 

The streets of the cities belong to the people. All of us are now called upon to rise up and take them back.