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FRESC Engages Community in Hosting Regional Transportation District Candidate Forum

October 30, 2012 -- FRESC

On October 13, Partnership affiliate FRESC: Good Jobs, Strong Communities partnered with 9to5 Colorado to host a non-partisan public forum for the candidates running for the Regional Transportation District (RTD) Board of Directors for District M, which encompasses parts of Lakewood, Arvada, Wheat Ridge and Golden.  District M also includes segments of two FasTracks corridors - the West and Gold lines.

Fighting for a Voice in a Process Designed to Silence Communities

September 11, 2012 -- FRESC

For ten years FRESC has helped communities in Denver engage in planning processes related to transit-oriented development because we believe that public investments should be used for public good.  Linda Gallegos, a mother of seven and a resident near the East Corridor commuter rail line, has been involved in FRESC’s equitable transportation campaign from the start.  “Things are hard right now.  The rent is higher than I’ve ever seen, my job pays barely gets us by, and my kids have to take a 3hr bus ride to get to a good school,” she says.  “I never thought I could do anything about this.

Transit Oriented Development in Denver

June 29, 2012 -- FRESC

Developing a transit system that serves all members of a community can transform the quality of life and spur renewal. FRESC is working to ensure that a huge investment in a development project will connect working people to good jobs, affordable housing, and healthy communities.

Mile High Connects, formerly the Mile High Transit Opportunity Collaborative, is a partnership of private, philanthropic, and nonprofit organizations committed to developing inclusive, affordable and livable communities within walking distance of public transit. In November 2004, taxpayers in the Denver Metro region voted to invest in a more environmentally friendly and better connected future by passing a sales tax to fund a mass transit expansion known as FasTracks.

FRESC: Making the Case for Good Green Jobs

September 30, 2009 -- FRESC

On May 27th, FRESC and the Campaign for Responsible Development (CRD) won community benefits at Union Station – a large mixed use redevelopment project located in downtown Denver that will be the hub of FasTracks, our metro area’s future mass transit rail build out estimated at a cost of around 500 million dollars.  After three years of organizing, coalition building, research and advocacy, the CRD formalized support of the project to the Denver City Council with a vote 12-1.

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