2 Million | 2 Years Campaign to Transform America's Cities Starts Tomorrow!

January 28, 2015 -- Partnership for Working Families

Making progressive change begins in our cities. Cities are where income inequality is most concentrated, and where we’re challenging it by creating living wage jobs and high road economic development. Cities are where we can build resiliency through new investment in transit, waste systems, and energy efficiency.   And, cities are where we’re organizing a permanent base of low income, people of color, union and environmental voters to ensure our cites’ decisions reflect our communities’ values.

Tomorrow we launch the 2x2 Campaign, our plan to improve the lives of 2 million workers and families in America’s cities in the next two years.  With 2x2, we’re doubling down on our vision of cities as the place to make change, and the merger of cutting edge public policy with powerful coalition organizing as the way to make it. We’re looking forward to working with you, and hundreds of allies across the country as we change America, from the ground up.


In Solidarity,

Darlene Lombos
Board Chair, PWF
Executive Director, CLU

Deborah Scott
Board Vice-Chair, PWF
Executive Director, Georgia STAND-UP

Roxana Tynan
Board Treasurer, PWF
Executive Director, LAANE


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