Build a Better South Telepress Conference

May 7, 2017 -- Jamie Way

PRESS ADVISORY for May 9, 2017

2:00pm CT/ 3:00pm ET
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PRESS CALL: Community Leaders & Construction Workers Unveil Report on Quality of Construction Jobs in the South

Build a Better South report highlights issues plaguing the construction industry in the South, including wage theft, low wages and safety concerns

NATIONAL – On May 9th, construction workers and community leaders will hold a press call to unveil the findings of a six-city survey looking at the quality of construction jobs in the South. The report, produced from surveys and in-depth interviews conducted in Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Miami and Nashville, gives a comprehensive overview of the challenges facing construction workers in the South.

Despite a recent boom in construction and development in these key cities, skilled construction workers still receive wages under just $15 an hour, have few if any employment benefits and often experience injuries at work. Injured workers report that the combination of a lack of workers’ compensation, unsafe work conditions, no healthcare benefits and no paid sick days makes it nearly impossible for them to support their families.

Construction workers and community leaders will speak about the importance of improving construction jobs and making sure that growth in the region benefits everyone, not just the few.


  • Dr. Nik Theodore, University of Illinois at Chicago 
  • Jose P. Garza, Executive Director of the Workers Defense Project 
  • Jackie Cornejo, Partnership for Worker Families
  • Southern construction workers

WHEN: Tuesday, May 9th at 2:00 PM CT / 3:00 PM ET

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