Campaign to Increase Voter Participation in Orange County

November 6, 2012 -- OCCORD

On September 10 OCCORD kicked-off an ambitious, non-partisan campaign to increase Latino voter participation and build OCCORD's grassroots organization in Anaheim's working class neighborhoods.  In addition to asking voters for their pledge to vote and to vote by mail, the OCCORD team asked residents to support the struggle to change the Anaheim City Council representation system to ensure fair representation (currently all seats are Citywide), recruited residents eligible for citizenship into our Citizenship Program, and identified potential new leaders for our Neighborhood Unions.  This campaign was highly successful.  We reached out to 12,000 voters by going door-to-door plus phone calls and mail.  Over 2,200 voters signed pledges to vote, and nearly 800 voters signed up to vote by mail.   In addition, we found 80 new potential leaders and identified 120 residents interested in participating in our Citizenship Program.