CCNE Organizes for Tenants' Rights in New Haven

June 17, 2011 -- Partnership for Working Families

The Connecticut Center for a New Economy (CCNE) has been helping tenants in New Haven organize for better living conditions. They were recently featured in this article in the New Haven Independent:

"In New Haven, CT Carbon monoxide from faulty furnaces drove Esther Martinez and Charleen Ortiz from their homes this winter. They have since returned home as leaders of a door-to-door organizing effort to give the 300 low-income families there a voice-and place to return to-when the Church Street South housing complex is rebuilt as a mixed-income development.

According to Ricardo Henriquez of the Connecticut Center for a New Economy,who is helping in the effort, 'one lady told us: I've lived here for 25 years under crappy conditions. Now that they're building a new building, they want to throw me out.'

The families spent two weeks at the motels during emergency repairs before they could return home. During that time, Esther Martinez said, Hill South Alderwoman Dolores Colon engaged them in the prospect of organizing other tenants. She connected them to Ricardo Henriquez."

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