Cities vs. Trump Protests

January 13, 2017 -- Jamie Way

MEDIA ADVISORY FOR Jan. 14th – 21st 2017

Thousands Join More than a Dozen Protests to Declare Cities’ Resistance to Hateful & Divisive Policies

NATIONAL – In the week building up to and days following the inauguration, thousands of people in more than a dozen cities across the country will take to the streets. Based in many of the largest and most significant urban areas in America – including Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Atlanta and beyond – protesters will declare their cities to be zones free from mass deportations and raids, registries, attacks on working people and corporate giveaways of public goods.

Anchored by Partnership for Working Families and its local affiliates, the protests will unite working people, communities of faith, people of color and community members, who have fought side-by-side to make cities beacons of progress by winning minimum wage increases, improved environmental standards and access to more affordable housing. They will double down on their commitment to expand and defend these freedoms in their cities in the face of anticipated threats from the Trump administration and its supporters, including at the state level.

While the incoming administration has opposed freedom of speech, threatened the ability of communities to freely practice their religion without fear and sought to block cities’ ability to innovate to solve problems locally, protesters say their cities reject these threats.

WHAT: Thousands protest to declare cities as points of resistance to divisive, regressive policies

WHO: Community members, working people, communities of faith, people of color

WHEN/WHERE: Protests will take place in: New York: Tuesday the 17th, 3pm, Goldman Sachs (200 West St.), Encampment to challenge the Goldman Government, Brigid Flaherty, 917-678-8944,
Boston: Friday the 20th, 3:30pm, Dewey Square, March ending with a people's inauguration, Darlene Lombos, (617) 723-2639,
Philadelphia: Monday the 16th, 11am, 524 Market St, Making America Better through racial justice, economic justice and corporate accountability, Beulah Osueke, (215) 232-7697,
Pittsburgh: Friday the 20th, 12pm, Freedom Corner, The People’s Inauguration, Alex Wallach Hanson, (781) 799-7931,
Milwaukee (and four surrounding cities): Sunday the 15th, 11:30am, Candela's Banquet Hall, Focus on the millions who will lose affordable healthcare, Matt Brusky, (414) 315-4127,
Atlanta: Saturday the 21st, 1pm, Center for Civil & Human Rights, March for social justice & women, Amari Foster, (404) 581-0061,
Denver: Saturday the 14th, 10:30am, MLK Library Aurora (9898 E Colfax Ave), Immigrant Rights care Civil Rights Rally, Shanta Farrington, (720) 212-1221,
San Francisco: Friday the 20th, 8am (& multiple), Justin Herman Plaza, Trump inauguration march & protests, Beth Trimarco, (510) 760-4202,
San Jose: Saturday the 14th, 11am, San Jose City Hall, Immigrant & refugee rights day of action, Elly Matsumura, (510) 301-1045,
Santa Barbara (and two surrounding cities): Friday the 20th, 5pm, Oxnard Plaza Park, "United Against Hate", Lucas Zucker, 805-216-8566,
Los Angeles: Thursday the 19th, 7am, Supporting public schools & students with actions at more than 100 schools citywide, Nadine Levyfield,, 323-363-8300

You can follow the actions at #FreedomIs.

BACKGROUND: Nearly eighty percent of the American population resides in urban areas, yet city residents overwhelmingly chose not to support Mr. Trump’s presidential bid. As beacons of progress that enshrine the American values of freedom, respect for others and pluralism, cities will be a strong point of resistance to hateful and divisive rhetoric, protesters say. These demonstrations are just the first step in building a network of forward-thinking cities to counter the coming tide of hateful legislation, corporate giveaways to big businesses and attacks on working people and local democracy.