Community Labor United Brings Attention to Public Transit

December 18, 2012 -- Community Labor United

Community Labor United is ending 2012 with a rapidly growing campaign on public transit. Our report, Route to Our Future, captured immediate attention with its “quadruple win” message: transit reform can grow our state's economy, cut carbon emissions, ensure access to jobs and education, and increase racial, economic, and regional equity.

CLU’s “Public Transit-Public Good” campaign is turning the state’s funding crisis into an opportunity for sustainable growth. 

After thousands of riders flooded public hearings to protest fare hikes and service cuts, state officials promised they’d fund public transit this year. CLU’s report and campaign are saying they can’t just fund it – they have to fix it and make it fair.

Fixing it means:

  • Putting riders and workers on regional transit boards.
  • Asking them to define routes that take riders where they need to go, when they need to get there.
  • Coordinating regional transit authorities and the state transportation department.

Making it fair means:

  • Keeping fares affordable for all riders.
  • Making them affordable for young, elderly, and disabled riders.
  • Getting nonprofits and the private sector to contribute to public transit.

We are also proposing a State Community Infrastructure Bank to help transform transit and fund sustainable infrastructure at the community level.

A powerful and growing Green Justice Coalition is backing this agenda. The “Public Transit-Public Good” campaign unites the Amalgamated Transit Union with riders’ unions, community and environmental organizations across the state. 

For more on the campaign – including a great video – visit the website