COVID-19 Relief Funds for Families in Need

May 28, 2020 -- Jamila
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Image courtesy of the Grassroots Collaborative

Four of our affiliates have set up immediate relief funds that will go directly to the people most marginalized from public benefits: undocumented workers. All of the funds we describe below will go directly to laid off workers who cannot access federal aid. If you are in a position where you are saving money or receiving stimulus checks that you do not need, we ask that you do what our federal government has failed to do and share your check with people who need support to meet their basic needs:

805 UndocuFund: Operated by our partner CAUSE in the Central Coast of California

OUR Fund: Operated by El Centro Legal in partnership with our affiliate EBASE in Oakland California

Arizona Hospitality Relief Emergency Fund: Operated by CASE our affiliate in Arizona to direct funds to laid-off hospitality workers who cannot access unemployment benefits.

Grassroots Collaborative:  Peoria People’s Project, Grassroots Collaborative's own direct organizing work with Black families in Peoria.

Support ongoing efforts to assist families in need across the United States by donating to the Partnership for Working Families.