FRESC Voter Engagement Campaign 2008: An Urgent Call to Denver

August 28, 2008 -- FRESC

Colorado is a battleground!!

For several years, progressive forces in Colorado have been making inroads in re-aligning the political and economic climate on issues.  A strong backlash has been organized by conservatives determined to advance their issue agenda.  These forces are engaged in an all-out war this fall, with a score of referendums on the ballot.  Some of the lowlights include:  

  • A "right to work" amendment to the State Constitution
  • Paycheck deception, which would dramatically affect working families' voice in electoral politics
  • "Open government" which prohibits public employee from donating to political campaigns
  • An anti-affirmative action amendment
  • An anti- reproductive choice amendment  that would redefine "person" to include fertilized eggs and embryos

FRESC is combining a membership drive with a voter mobilization and advocacy drive to ensure that voters will be part of a larger movement.  Their goal is to sign up 20,000 households to become FRESC members.  In September and October they will be educating these new members on the impact that these ballot measures have on working families, so that they can mobilize them to vote in November.

We invite all Partnership for Working Families affiliates to come to Denver this fall to join us on this important non-partisan voter participation and ballot initiative campaign. 

John Goldstein, at the Partnership, will be coordinating our participation in this effort.  He can be reached at (414) 475-0623 or at