FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Press Conference TODAY of public release of Construction Study Unmasking Hazardous Conditions and Worker Abuse in Nashville’s Billion

May 23, 2017 -- bfinnin

Press Advisory for May 23rd, 2017

Regional Construction Study Unmasks Hazardous Conditions and Worker Abuse in Nashville’s Billion Dollar Construction Boom

“Build a Better South” study highlights dangerous conditions, wage theft, and poverty wages in construction industry across U.S. South


Nashville, TN – Today, construction workers and community leaders will hold a press conference to unveil the findings of a report, authored by Nik Theodore at  University of Illinois, Chicago, which examined the quality of construction jobs across six cities in the U.S. South.

The report, produced from 1,435 construction worker surveys and in-depth interviews conducted in Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, and Miami, gives a comprehensive overview of horrendous conditions facing construction workers in the South.


WHO: Workers’ Dignity, Stand Up Nashville coalition*, Council Member Anthony Davis, Council Member Fabian Bedne, construction workers, Partnership for Working Families

WHAT: Press conference to share findings of “Building a Better South” report, worker testimonies and recommendations for practical solutions to address poor working conditions

WHEN: May 23rd, 3:00 PM

WHERE: Corner of 5th Avenue and Church Street, at Downtown Presbyterian Church

VISUALS: Construction workers, major construction in background, banners, easel with key facts from study


Nashville’s results will be announced, with testimonies of workers who have experienced injuries, wage theft, and other labor abuses first-hand, and recommendations from Workers’ Dignity and Stand Up Nashville for addressing the poor working conditions with simple and practical solutions. Metro Council members Anthony Davis and Fabian Bedne will address action they plan to take in Metro Council to begin creating a high-road construction industry in our city.

The full 68-page report will be available, and report co-author Jackie Cornejo of Partnership for Working Families will be on-hand to answer questions regarding design and rigor of the study, along with its findings.

*Stand Up Nashville members: Central Labor Council of Nashville and Middle Tennessee, Democracy Nashville, Southeast District Laborers Council, Ironworkers International, Nashville Organized for Action and Hope, SEIU Local 205, and Workers’ Dignity