Implementation Begins for One Hill CBA

November 18, 2008 -- Pittsburgh UNITED

One Hill CBA Campaign
The One Hill CBA Coalition has moved into the first stages of CBA implementation mode. In addition to the specific wins of the CBA - the long-awaited grocery store, funding for a community center and more - there are three significant ways that the One Hill CBA will improve the capacity of the Hill District community to determine its own destiny.

First, through a new “Neighborhood Partnership Program (NPP),” $500,000 will be available to disburse every year for social needs in the community, as defined by the community. Funds from the NPP will be available for six years and renewable for another six years.

In early October, the BNY Mellon announced that it would join the Penguins to support the NPP by contributing $3 million to the fund. So far, a One Hill committee has been established to review proposals for programs that were identified through the CBA struggle.

Secondly, the CBA has produced the resources necessary to establish the first-source center - a jobs and training clearinghouse - that will enable the “first-source hiring” component of the CBA for the newly created jobs in the new development on the Hill. The planning for the first-source center has already begun.

Lastly, and most importantly, the One Hill CBA gives the Hill community input and veto power over a master planning process that will shape and define any future development in the Hill.

Northside United
Pittsburgh UNITED, through its Northside United campaign, continues to fight for community benefits for the neighborhoods that surround the lucrative Northshore area of the Pittsburgh, home of the Steelers football team and Pirates baseball team.

At the time of this writing, Northside United has escalated pressure on Continental Development who intends to build a Hyatt Place hotel on land owned by the public Stadium Authority.

Through political, legal and grassroots organizing in Northside neighborhoods, the campaign is currently focused on stopping a $4 million state subsidy sought by the developer. The campaign is also challenging the Stadium Authority itself through one of its lawsuits. The lawsuit comes as a result of the authority’s blatant giveaway of public land with no real public process or community benefits. The actions of the Stadium Authority exemplify the “business as usual” government practices that Pittsburgh UNITED seeks to change.

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