Interview with Partnership Deputy Director, Kathleen Mulligan-Hansel

July 14, 2011 -- Louisa Abada

The Partnership for Working Families' Kathleen Mulligan-Hansel recently sat down with to talk about the Partnership's work.

Be sure to check out the interview.

Excerpts from Kathleen's interview:

"We’re a national network; we have affiliates in about 18 cities in the country. Our affiliates are all involved in projects that do two things: Improve the quality of jobs coming into cities, and make those jobs available to low-income people."

"Infrastructure is vitally important to poor communities and I think that’s a fact that anybody that looks at cities understands really well: that underinvestment in urban infrastructure is one of the problems that cities across the country continue to grapple with, and low-income people are hurt by that."

"...we see that as a really huge important part of our work: both doing leadership development in low-income communities, helping community members understand why this matters, injecting a values base into discussions about how infrastructure investment is funneled into different types of projects and the impact of those projects..."

"There’s a whole element of our political discussion about privatizing everything that used to be a public service, and then of course that leaves low-income people in a much more difficult situation. They can’t afford those services at the same levels, and they’re often not available in areas where poor people live."