Introducing the Partnership's next Executive Director!

June 13, 2018 -- Darlene Lombos

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Partnership for Working Families, I am thrilled to announce that Lauren Jacobs will assume the role of Executive Director on August 1st.

Lauren is a dedicated campaigner and seasoned executive with over two decades of experience building power with low wage workers and their communities – with both labor unions and community organizations.

Over the past two years as our Deputy Director and Capacity Building Director, Lauren has worked with affiliates throughout the country to support and strengthen their work, while leading the Partnership in a critical discussion of where we are as a country and what our long term vision for radical change should be. 

“The network is comprised of some of the best organizers and strategists in the country,” said Lauren. “I am excited and honored to work with such a talented group at such pivotal historic moment. I'm also lucky to have worked with Nikki Fortunato Bas for the past two years and am excited to continue building the network's strategy, grounded in racial and gender justice and challenging corporate power.” 

In addition to her deep roots in labor and community organizing, Lauren has a long history with Partnership for Working Families' affiliates. She served as a board member of Community Labor United in Boston and worked in coalition with affiliates across California and in Pittsburgh and New York.

We are incredibly fortunate that Lauren will be leading the Partnership as we take our work to scale. We are also very grateful to the many talented leaders on our national staff and board who are committed to building a bottom-up, impactful network to contest for power in our cities, regions and states.  Together, this new generation of leaders is honing our own model of trans-local campaigning rooted in community control and a deep racial and gender analysis, while also advancing a national vision, narrative and strategies. 

We wish the very best to Nikki Fortunato Bas as she transitions from her role as Executive Director to public service, and we thank her for her 12 years with the Partnership – four years as Executive Director and eight years leading EBASE in Oakland. As we get closer to August 1, we’ll share ways that you can recognize Nikki for her years of leadership and formally welcome Lauren to her new role.

Stay tuned to hear about the national launch of our infrastructure and jobs campaign on June 20th and let’s continue to build our movement. 

Please join us in congratulating Lauren!