Kentucky Blocks City Min Wage Increase

October 20, 2016 -- Jamie Way

Today the Kentucky Supreme Court blocked Louisville's $9 an hour minimum wage. Below is a statement from Partnership for Working Families Executive Director, Nikki Fortunato Bas:

This case marks yet another example of special interests interfering in local decisions to block gains for the most vulnerable among us. Cities across the country are making strides toward improving the lives of working people and communities of color. Outside corporate interests must not be allowed to deny city residents the ability to make ends meet.

Today's decision makes Kentucky the 23rd state in which courts or legislatures have taken away communities' power to raise the minimum wage. The case is particularly egregious, because the new minimum wage was already being phased in, meaning the decision will likely results in pay decreases for thousands of working people. Despite a trend toward state interference, cities are increasingly taking action to fight back against outside intervention.