LAANE: Court Revives L.A. law protecting grocery workers

July 19, 2011 -- Louisa Abada

From the Los Angeles Times:

Laws passed by California cities to protect labor when businesses change hands received a boost Monday from the California Supreme Court, which revived a Los Angeles ordinance aimed at protecting grocery workers.

The state high court ruled 6 to 1 that the 2005 city measure, which lower courts had rejected, did not usurp state or federal law or violate constitutional guarantees by requiring new grocery store owners to keep existing employees for months after taking over ownership.

The Los Angeles law is one of several in the state that require companies to hire existing workforces for at least a while after purchasing other companies. Opponents have complained that such laws would proliferate if approved by the state's top court and bind new businesses that want to bring in their own teams.

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