Lennise’s Story: Seeing Voters’ Challenges Firsthand

June 29, 2012 -- Citizen Action of Wisconsin Educati...

Lennise Vickers of Milwaukee was a first time volunteer for the Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund non-partisan voter mobilization program in the 2012 recall election. 

“I wanted to volunteer because I wanted to make sure that people in my county and city were able to get out to vote. The experience taking the individuals to the different polling sites was interesting. Each polling site had different circumstances and things going on. I had one individual who needed curbside assistance because they were disabled and couldn’t get into the polling site. It took a while to get someone to come out and help them vote. At another site, there was difficulty parking. But we made it. They were able to vote.

I think I did help people. Where they were being picked up didn’t necessarily mean they voted in that area. They had a different address. It was good that we were able to call back to the headquarters, get them the correct polling location, and then take them to vote.

Being able to talk and share with individuals is always a good experience. I will definitely do it again.”