Mapping Out a Path to Living Wage in Milwaukee

March 19, 2013 -- Citizen Action of Wisconsin Educati...

Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund is mapping out a path to success in the campaign to increase and expand Milwaukee County’s living wage ordinance. 

On March 11 thirty key Milwaukee activists, high level staff, and local elected officials came together to create a power map of the campaign.  The session provided a unique opportunity for participants to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of a potential organizing campaign. Together, they assessed the power of community and faith groups, unions, business groups, local media and local elected officials that will be involved in deciding the issue. 

The picture they developed demonstrated the need for a strong public campaign to change the dynamics of the living wage fight.  The session concluded with participants committing to completing a power map and developing a plan to elevate the power of County Board members and community groups who are champions in the living wage campaign. 

This planning session was a part of an eight week course in Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund's Civic Leadership Institute. The course began in February with a goal of educating and developing capacity among partner organizations and local elected officials to lead on high road economic development policies. 

At the end of the course participants will compile a list of high road policy recommendations to elected officials and members of Milwaukee's business community. Graduates will have new leadership skills as they set a more just economic justice agenda for the city of Milwaukee.