In More than a Dozen Cities, Protesters Declare Resistance to Trump’s Divisive Policies

January 20, 2017 -- Jamie Way


NATIONAL – In the days building up to and following the election, thousands protested in more than a dozen cities across the country. From Los Angeles and Denver to New York and Atlanta, protesters declared their cities to be zones free from mass deportations and raids, registries, attacks on working people and corporate giveaways of public goods.

“Freedom is the right to be who you are, to love who you love, to feel safe in your skin, to live without hunger and to be able to see a doctor when you’re sick,” said Partnership for Working Families Executive Director Nikki Fortunato Bas. “The incoming administration has positioned itself as hostile to these freedoms, but more than a dozen cities across the country stood up to say that we will defend these freedoms and protect our neighbors.”

Anchored by Partnership for Working Families and its local affiliates, the protests brought together communities of faith, working people, community members and people of color, who have fought side-by-side to make cities beacons of progress by winning minimum wage increases, improved environmental standards and access to more affordable housing. In New York, community members occupied the West Street Goldman Sachs to protest corruption and corporate interests in the new administration. In Los Angeles, protesters vowed to protect public education. Meanwhile, clergy and faith leaders marched to protect communities of color and people of all faiths from being targeted in Philadelphia.

Nearly eighty percent of the American population resides in urban areas, yet cities overwhelmingly did not support Mr. Trump’s presidential bid. As beacons of progress that enshrine the American values of freedom, respect for others and pluralism, cities will be a strong point of resistance to hateful and divisive rhetoric, protesters said. Carrying signs that declared “#FreedomIs feeling safe in your city” and “Cities fight back,” protesters doubled down on their commitment to expand and defend these freedoms in their cities in the face of anticipated threats from the Trump administration and its supporters, including at the state level.

These protests are just the first step in building a network of forward-thinking cities to counter the coming tide of hateful legislation, corporate giveaways to big businesses and attacks on working people.


NOTE: The Partnership does not support or oppose any candidate for elected office.