Moving Forward!

March 1, 2010 -- Leslie Moody

Difficult economic times are providing unique challenges—and even greater demand—for the work of the Partnership for Working Families. Our Partners are seizing opportunities in communities across the country to make sure that available funding and new legislation helps to create family-sustaining jobs with career pathways. In other communities, we’re rallying allies to fight against reactionary, mean-spirited efforts to minimize or even reverse workers’ hard-won gains. Together, we are organizing our cities to look ahead and plan for a future of shared prosperity.

Across the Partnership, we’re using the skills we have honed over years of fighting for good jobs to lead toward real local solutions to the nation’s job crisis. By connecting good government to shared prosperity, we are advancing a far-reaching vision of an expanded middle class, a clean environment, and a more hopeful future.



Our Latest Work:

  • LAANE’s recent study documents the benefits of living wage ordinances and collective bargaining agreements for hotel workers in Century City: together, these are producing millions of dollars in economic benefits for the local economy and for individual workers.
  • WUPSA has helped launch the Healthy Workers program, an affordable and comprehensive health care plan for low-wage workers in small businesses.
  • OCCORD's major citizenship initiative is helping immigrant workers become citizens and register to vote so their voices can be heard in Anaheim.
  • Pittsburgh UNITED has led the successful fight to institute a ground-breaking service-worker prevailing wage ordinance in Pittsburgh, hailed as one of the most comprehensive in the country.
  • CPI is leading the fight in San Diego to defeat a city-wide ballot measure that would erase many of the gains that have been won for working people by repealing the living wage ordinance, outlawing construction careers programs on city projects, and prohibiting community benefits agreements.
  • CASE is campaigning for the job security of 700-1,000 food service, parking and ground transportation workers at Sky Harbor Airport. The coalition is working to ensure that the City of Phoenix includes language to protect existing workers in the RFPs for new contracts at the airport.
  • FRESC is exploring strategies to ensure that good jobs are created in Denver when public funds are spent on transit and weatherization programs.
  • EBASE and the Coalition for Clean and Safe Ports are leading the charge to create a sustainable port trucking system, calling on trucking companies to be good corporate citizens. In the meantime, EBASE is supporting the low-wage truckers who are struggling to meet the expense of complying with California’s new clean engine standards on their own.
  • SANE is engaging the community in pursuit of a CBA for a major economic development project in a low-income neighborhood in Syracuse.