Moving Forward!

December 18, 2009 -- Leslie Moody

What a year it has been! Across our network, Partners are bringing communities together to fight for real change, and scaling up to effect major policy changes to improve the lives of thousands of workers and their families. Time and again we are realigning our regions around a shared, big picture vision: that by lifting up workers, communities and the environment together we can achieve shared prosperity and sustainability for our cities and country.

In recent months, our Partners in Atlanta, Sonoma and Orange County have worked with hundreds of community members to organize for community benefits and city plans to address families’ real needs. In Los Angeles and San Jose, our Partners are taking this work to scale, playing a key role in securing legislation to ensure job quality and health care for thousands of workers in their communities.

And, across the country, our partners are seizing the promise of the new green economy to put people to work. By organizing federal and other public funding streams to connect good jobs to weatherization and greener communities, we are leveraging government power to rebuild the middle class. CLU’s massive victory in Massachusetts is a shining example of the kind of money we can leverage to revitalize communities and put people back to work.

Years of organizing to create grassroots pressure for truly sustainable growth has positioned us to help guide the process of implementing the green economy—ensuring that the creation of quality jobs and shared prosperity are integral parts of the government’s investment in infrastructure and green jobs.

Looking forward to carrying this momentum into 2010 – and hoping the new year brings peace and prosperity to our communities.