Moving Forward

November 18, 2008 -- Leslie Moody

What an exhausting, exhilarating fall this has been!

It was so inspiring to see our movement rally in Colorado, with dozens of friends from Partner organizations around the country helping FRESC implement its civic participation program to defend opportunity and equality for workers and their families.  Beyond Colorado, we were deeply involved in campaigns addressing important issues like family-supporting jobs, paid sick days, and health care reform.  We defeated anti-worker, anti-opportunity attacks against tremendous odds.  And now the real work begins.

Our partnerships have begun to shift and leverage government power to rebuild the middle class in our cities.  We have focused on raising job quality standards in low-wage sectors like retail, service, and hospitality.  We focused on rewarding high-road construction approaches that pay better wages, provide better job training and open doors to construction careers for non-traditional trades workers.  We focused on creating stronger environmental and worker provisions in ports and airports.  Our work has sparked citizen involvement at the local level and rebuilt our faith that government should serve the common good.

These local successes should inform a new federal agenda toward cities.  A strong urban policy will be crucial to key initiatives already prioritized by the Obama transition team: the economic stimulus package and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to address the impending environmental crisis.  As our nation invests in infrastructure, the green economy, and maintaining the critical services of the public sector, it must also grow the supply of high-quality jobs and ensure that low-income workers can obtain those jobs with the right to form a union.

We are excited, we are hopeful and we are prepared to push hard for real solutions to this country's economic crisis.  Real solutions protect the rights and raise the wages of America's workers.  Real solutions include the word "good" in front of every "job" created.  Real solutions allow workers to have a choice and a voice on the job.  Working together, we can make this dream a reality for our communities and our country.


Leslie Moody
Partnership Executive Director