Moving Forward

May 18, 2008 -- Leslie Moody

Our Movement is Growing!  And Go Pittsburgh!

Many of you joined us at the Good Jobs First conference in Baltimore for two packed days of CBAs and Beyond.  We kicked off the conference with a real discussion about power - what we are building and what it means to contend for power at the regional level.  We heard from community leaders, developers, public officials, and each other about innovative campaigns and initiatives around the country.  We dug into the hard task of implementation and enforcement - because policy without organizing is just another piece of paper.  We listened to allies from the private sector as they described the challenges of equitable and green development, and shared their insights on how to make it all come together.  Together, we began to think deeper about the challenges we face as we connect the public, private and community sectors to problem solve, innovate and strive for real improvements in the communities we live in and the places we work.

We were thrilled to be able to share this work with organizations building their first community benefits campaigns.  From the Bronx, Brooklyn, San Francisco, the Twin Cities and many other regions, organizers, researchers and community leaders came to learn, share and grow.  Our shared vision is that of a movement of cities across the country working together to raise living standards, involve communities in a renewed democracy, and support the rights of workers to have a voice on the job.  Together, we are making that vision a reality.

Many thanks to Greg LeRoy and the staff of both Good Jobs First and The Partnership for their incredible work in pulling this together.  Also, thanks to the many panelists from communities around the country who took time and energy to share your work and ideas.  The best work in the country is happening in cities, and we are all grateful for your willingness to share publicly what you are learning on the ground.

Finally, hats off to Pittsburgh United for their amazing work on the Penguin's arena CBA.  In one short year, they helped build city-wide movement around the Hill District's fight - navigating historic tensions, bridging generations of distrust and building a shared hope for the future that is sorely needed in a city struggling to rebuild its post-industrial identity.  When we talk about getting this work to scale - and winning significant victories for working families - this is what we are talking about.  Great work, and this is just the beginning.


Leslie Moody
Partnership Executive Director